Neue Spiele für 2017 (II)

Die folgenden Spiele hat Roy Burger in Essen direkt ins Auto geladen und bringt sie zum Spieletreff mit:

Apocalypse au Zoo de Carson City (Jeux Opla)
AVES (Play With Us Design)
Burgle Bros. (Fowers Games)
Captains of the Golden Age (Golden Age Games)
Cat Lady (Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG))
Cavern Tavern (Final Frontier Games)
Chameleon Time (Tailor Games)
Cheers (Play With Us Design)
Codenames Duet (Czech Games Edition)
Custom Heroes (Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG))
Doctor Who: The Cardgame (Cubicle Seven)
Dragon Castle (Horrible Games)
Dragon Island (R&R Games)
Emporion (Mont Tàber)
Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti! (Black Box Adventures)
Game of Phones (Breaking Games)
Gang Up (Hot Games)
Grimmwood (Grimmwood Games)
Harvest Dice (Grey Fox Games)
Hellapagos (Gigamic)
Kacke (Breaking Games)
Khan of Khans (Chaosium)
Kondou Koushi’s 25 (Bouken)
La Cosa Nostra (Hard Boiled Games)
Lethal Party (Dino’s Tiny Brain)
Loot Island (What’s Your Game?)
Mr House (Granna)
Paperback (Fowers Games)
Photosynthesis (Blue Orange (EU))
Piñata Loca (Desyllas Games)
POW! (Gigamic)
Professor Evil and The Citadel of Time (Funforge)
Pulsar 2849 (Czech Games Edition)
Queendomino (Blue Orange (EU))
Revenge of the Dictators (Black Box Adventures)
Riddler (Tailor Games)
Rob ’n Run (PD-Verlag)
Sign (The Mountain Men)
Speedy Pickers (Desyllas Games)
Sultans of Wind (Desyllas Games)
Transatlantic (PD-Verlag)
Was ’ne Frage (Czech Games Edition)
Who Should We Eat? (WizKids)
Yogi (Gigamic)

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